Quick start


In this case, you will launch one mesher sidecar proxy and one service developed based on go-chassis as provider and use curl as a dummy consumer to access this service

the network traffic: curl->mesher->service

1.Install ServiceComb service-center

2.Install go-chassis and run rest server

  1. Build and run, use go mod(go 1.11+, experimental but a recommended way)
cd mesher
GO111MODULE=on go mod download
GO111MODULE=on go mod vendor
go build mesher.go

4.verify, in this case curl command is the consumer, mesher is consumer’s sidecar, and rest server is provider

export http_proxy=
curl http://RESTServer:8083/sayhello/peter


You don’t need to set service registry in chassis.yaml, because by default registry address is, just same service center default listen address.

Run on different infrastructure

Mesher does not bind to any platform or infrastructures, plz refer to https://github.com/go-mesh/mesher-examples/tree/master/Infrastructure to know how to run mesher on different infra

Sidecar injector

Mesher supply a way to automatically inject mesher configurations in kubernetes

See detail https://github.com/go-chassis/sidecar-injector