Before you start

Before you start, you must know what you gonna do if you use mesher as your sidecar proxy.

Assume you launched 2 services, each of service has a dedicated mesher as sidecar proxy.

The network traffic will be: ServiceA->mesherA->mesherB->ServiceB.

To run mesher along with your services, you need to set minimum configurations as below:

  1. Give mesher your service name in microservice.yaml file
  2. Set service discovery service(service center, Istio etc) configurations in chassis.yaml
  3. export HTTP_PROXY= as your service runtime environment
  4. (optional)Give mesher your service port list by ENV SERVICE_PORTS or CLI –service-ports

After the configurations, assume you serviceB is listening at

the serviceA must use http://ServiceB:8080/{api_path} to access ServiceB

Now you can launch as many as serviceA and serviceB to make this system become a distributed system


consumer need to use http://provider_name:provider_port/ to access provider, instead of http://provider_ip:provider_port/. if you choose to set step4, then you can simply use http://provider_name/ to access provider